Concurrent session: Research A – Population Monitoring

10 Dec 2015
13:30 - 15:00

Concurrent session: Research A – Population Monitoring

This concurrent session will be chaired by Donna Perez, Cancer Institute New South Wales (CINSW), Australia.

Time Abstract
1.30pm – 1.35pm Introduction / overview
1.35pm – 1.39pm John Mingoia, University of South Australia (AUS)

The Relationship Between Socio-cultural Norms And Sun Exposure

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1.39pm – 1.43pm Kayla Morris, James Cook University (AUS)

Sun-related Prototypes And Their Influence On Incidental Sun Exposure: A Prospective Study

1.43pm – 1.47pm Solveig Hoegh Larsen, Danish Cancer Society (DNK)

Masculinity And Young Men’s Sun Related Behavior

1.47pm – 1.51pm Nicola Scott, Cancer Institute New South Wales (AUS)

Beliefs And Behaviours Regarding Sun Protection Among Young People In Rural NSW, Australia

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1.51pm – 1.55pm Simone Pettigrew, Curtin University (AUS)

Trends In Outdoor Tanning Attitudes And Behaviours Among Western Australian Adolescents

1.55pm – 2.03pm Suzanne Dobbinson, Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) (AUS)

Australians’ Skin Cancer Prevention Attitudes And Behaviours (2003-04 To 2013-14)

2.03pm – 2.07pm Geraldine McLeod, University of Otago Medical Schools (NZL)

Sunburn Predictors Among A New Zealand Population In A Cross-sectional Survey Series, 1999-2006

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2.07pm – 2.11pm Johan Gulliksson, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (CHE)

Eight-year Trends In Swedes’ Sun Habits, Attitudes To Tanning And Sun Protection

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2.11pm – 2.15pm Brian Køster, Danish Cancer Society (DNK)

Association Of Objective And Subjective Measures Of Sun Exposure In A Danish Population Based Sample

2.15pm – 2.19pm Thomas Koefoed, Danish Cancer Society (DNK)

Upgrading The Danes’ Knowledge Of The UV-index: Using A Smartphone App As A Campaign Tool

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2.19pm – 2.23pm Christine Behrens, Danish Cancer Society (DNK)

The Usefulness Of Annual Surveys To Monitor The Sun Habits Of The Danish Population

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2.23pm – 2.29pm STRETCH BREAK
2.29pm – 2.33pm Ngadiman Djaja, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (AUS)

Should We Continue To Measure Skin Cancer Risk Factors Using Outdated Methods?

2.33pm – 2.37pm Rosemary Scott, Irish Cancer Society (IRL)

Skin Cancer Prevention Intervention In Irish Prisons

2.37pm – 2.41pm Nynne Johanne Sahl Frederiksen, Danish Cancer Society (DNK)

Awareness And Reaction Patterns To Symptoms Of Cancer Among Low Socio-economic Status Seniors

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2.41pm – 2.45pm Nynne Johanne Sahl Frederiksen, Danish Cancer Society (DNK)

Optimizing Campaigns Utilizing The Target Audience – The Value Of Qualitative Pilot Testing

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2.45pm – 2.49pm Barbara Walkosz, Klein Buendel (USA)

Sun Safety Ink!: Skin Cancer Prevention For The Tattoo Community

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2.49pm – 3.00pm Q&A