Concurrent session: Shade / Schools & Early Childhood

09 Dec 2015
13:25 - 15:30

Concurrent session: Shade / Schools & Early Childhood

This concurrent session will be chaired by Associate Professor George Kapelos, Ryerson University, Canada.

Time Abstract
1.25pm – 1.37pm Chair presentation: Toronto Shady Cities initiative
1.37pm – 1.39pm Shade: Introduction / overview
1.39pm – 1.47pm Christina Mackay, University of Wellington (NZL)

Shade – The First Sun Protection Strategy?

PDF of presentation

1.47pm – 1.51pm Toshimasa Kawanishi, Nihon University (JPN)

UV Shade Charts For Shade Design

1.51pm – 1.55pm John Javorniczky, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)(AUS)

Review Of The Synthetic Shadecloth Standard AS 4174

PDF of presentation

1.55pm – 1.59pm John Greenwood, Webshade (AUS)

Analysis Of Shade Audits Of 50 Child Care Centres

1.59pm – 2.07pm John Greenwood, Webshade (AUS)

Shade Reality Check – Why Aren’t The Decision-makers Listening?

2.07pm – 2.11pm Bhama Rajiv, Health Promotion Agency (HPA)(NZL)

Getting Shade Covered – Working With Outdoor And Recreational Organisations

PDF of presentation

2.11pm – 2.19pm Jody Simmons, Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) (AUS)

Shadeplus Including Quality Shade In A Park Renewal Intervention

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2.19pm – 2.27pm Suzanne Dobbinson, Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) (AUS) & Dave Buller, Klein Buendel (USA)

Lessons Learnt About Building Shade In Parks

Exposure To UVR And Other Baseline Findings From A Built Shade (RCT) Intervention 

2.27pm – 2.33pm STRETCH BREAK
2.33pm – 2.38pm Schools & Early Childhood: Introduction / overview
2.38pm – 2.46pm Kimberley Martin, Cancer Council South Australia (CCSA) (AUS)

Sun Protection In Australian Early Childhood Services: Many Improvements Since 2008

PDF of presentation

2.46pm – 2.50pm Kimberley Martin, Cancer Council South Australia (CCSA) (AUS)

The National Primary School Sun Protection Survey: Outcomes And Implications For Policy And Practice

PDF of presentation

2.50pm – 2.54pm Julia Griffith, Klein Buendel (USA)

Sun Safety Policy Adoption In California School Districts Containing Elementary Schools

PDF of presentation

2.54pm – 2.58pm Pierre Cesarini, Securite Solaire (FRA)

Living With The Sun At School: Education To The Sun Program

PDF of presentation

2.58pm – 3.02pm Wayne Cotton, The University of Sydney (AUS)

New South Wales Sunsmart Evaluation And Policy Intervention Study – Baseline Findings

3.02pm – 3.10pm Tony Reeder, University of Otago (NZL)

Statistical Predictors Of New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Total Sun Protection Scores

PDF of presentation

3.10pm – 3.14pm Louise Sandford, Cancer Society of New Zealand (CSNZ) (NZL)

Creating Sunsmart Resources For The Education Sector

3.14pm – 3.18pm Martin Allen, University of Canterbury (NZL)

Use Of Dosimetry In Sun Smart Education Programmes

PDF of presentation

3.18pm – 3.22pm Joanna Turner, University of Southern Queensland (AUS)

Blue Print Paper: An Educational Tool To Understand UV Exposure

PDF of presentation

3.22pm – 3.30pm Jane Hill, Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) (AUS)

Secondary Schools Get Shady