Impact of UV on human health

Impact of UV on human health

Professor David Hill of Cancer Council Victoria, Australia, will chair this morning keynote and panel discussion.

Professor David Whiteman
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Australia

Burden of disease and impact of UV on human health

  • What is the global burden of disease associated with UV in terms of impact on skin cancer, photo damage and other adverse outcomes?
  • How much skin cancer is attributable to sunlight, and how much might we prevent?
  • What are the recent international trends in skin cancer and melanoma, and what are the projections for the next 20 years?
  • What are the mechanisms for UV damage: does low level UV exposure lead to DNA damage or disease outcomes?
  • Prevention – what is the way forward?

Professor Robyn Lucas
Australian National University (ANU), Australia

Impact of sunlight on improving health outcomes

  • What do we know about sunlight in terms of its potential to improve health outcomes, e.g. MS, Seasonal Affected Disorders, mental health?
  • What does the latest evidence suggest is contributing to these benefits – is it vitamin D or is there another part of the UV spectrum that is contributing to potentially beneficial outcomes?
  • What is the level of exposure (time of day, duration and UV level) that is required to gain benefit and how does this vary for skin types and individuals?
  • What is the relativity of these benefits as compared to the harms and variations between skin types?
  • Based on the current evidence is there clear public health advice to guide health practitioners?

PDF of Professor Lucas’ presentation

Dr. Gery P. Guy Jr.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA

Impact of sunbed regulations on behavioural outcomes in a global context

  • What is the latest evidence telling us in terms of the impact of sunbed regulations on modifying behaviour?
  • Where there are government controls in place, do we see changes in terms of the perceived safety of sunbeds or uptakes in home use?
  • Are there any unintended consequences with an under 18 ban and how has this ban affected businesses in countries when such restrictions have taken place?
  • Is there any evidence that a sunbed tax such as that seen in the USA, contributes to a net reduction in sunbed use?