Concurrent session: UV / Technical Elements of Sun Protection

An overview of this concurrent session.
09 Dec 2015
10:55 - 12:30

Concurrent session: UV / Technical Elements of Sun Protection

This concurrent session will be chaired by Dr Hans Storm, Danish Cancer Society.

Time Abstract
10.55am – 10.59am UV: Introduction / overview
10.59am – 11.03am Vernon Carr, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

A Decade Of The UV Alert

11.03am – 11.11am Stuart Henderson, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), Australia

Reporting Solar UV Measurements To The Public – Australia’s Solar UV Monitoring Network

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11.11am – 11.15am Simone Pettigrew, Curtin University (AUS)

Knowledge Of The UV Index Following A Three-year Media Campaign 

11.15am – 11.19am Bhama Rajiv, Health Promotion Agency (HPA)(NZL)

Sun Protection Alert – A Simple Tool For A Complex Issue 

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11.19am – 11.23am Richard McKenzie, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)(NZL)

Measuring Personal UV Exposure With Electronic Dosimeters 

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11.23am – 11.27am Joanna Turner, University of Southern Queensland (AUS)

Measuring UVB Radiation Using Existing Smartphone Hardware  

11.27am – 11.31am Zim Sherman, Scienterra  (NZL)

Web-connected Display Provides Accurate UV Information At Public Sites 

11.31am – 11.36am STRETCH BREAK
11.36am – 11.40am Technical Elements of Sun Protection: Introduction / overview
11.40am – 11.44am Rick Tinker, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)(AUS)

Australian Standards On Protection Against Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

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11.44am – 11.48am Peter Gies, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)(AUS)

Revision Of The Sun Protective Clothing Standard AS/NZS 4399

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11.48am – 11.52am Cheryl Wilson, University of Otago (NZL)

Slip And Slap – The Science Of Sun Protective Fabric And Clothing

11.52am – 11.56am Dean Brough, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)(AUS)

The Potential Development Of Design And Technical Guidelines For Sun-safe Apparel

11.56am – 12.00pm Sumeet Walia, RMIT (AUS)

Wearable sensors for monitoring UV exposure

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12.00pm – 12.08pm Tony Reeder, University of Otago (NZL)

Predictors Of Body Clothing Coverage Among A New Zealand Community Sample

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12.08pm – 12.12 pm Uli Osterwalder, BASF (DEU)

How Close Is Sunscreen Performance To Spectral Homeostasis?

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12.12pm – 12.30pm Q&A