Principles of screening within the context of melanoma

Principles of screening within the context of melanoma

Professor Adèle Green, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Australia, will chair this afternoon keynote and panel discussion, which asks, based on the two unique opportunities we have had in Australia and Germany, what are the big questions we need to answer going forward?

Dr Rüdiger Greinert, Euroskin, Germany
will present results for and Dr Mathieu Boniol
International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI), France will present results against the program.

  • What have we learnt from the German screening program?
  • How does the program hold up against the WHO guidelines for screening and is there applicability to other countries?

PDF of Dr Greinert’s presentation

PDF of Dr Boniol’s presentation

Professor Dallas English will also discuss:

  • With all we have learnt from skin cancer screening programs internationally, what is the future for screening as a way to not only reduce mortality and morbidity, but also to bring savings to government?
  • Is there a better way through more targeted screening to improve outcomes and reduce costs to the health system and what would this model look like?

PDF of  Professor English’s presentation